Scheduled Audio Player 12.0

Scheduled Audio Player 12.0: You can broadcast music and program on scheduled time by using Audio Broadcaster scheduled time at school and kindergartens, able to broadcast ring music for class beginning and dismissing, gathering, national anthem, rhythm for gymnastics and eye exercises, support to set and change the scheduled time and music at will。 Software features: 1, after setting the scheduled time and music, the music will be played on the scheduled time. and the music can be changed at will and conveniently 2, the software is designed with memory

Sonicart 2.0: Freeware Virtual Cart Machine
Sonicart 2.0

scheduled adverts unload warning. - Log only adverts. - Decode MP3 to WAV (Sonienc) - Individual encoding progress display (Sonienc) - Normalise extracted CD tracks (Sonienc) - All scheduled adverts, show playlists and recent tracks stored in database format instead of separate M3U files. - Copy range of scheduled adverts (Sonipack) - Loop or Pause any cart in the stack. - Loop the entire stack. - Instantly play any of the first 10 carts in the stack

broadcast, encoder, automation, playlist, radio

SplendidBackup 2.6: The perfect tool for your backup needs. Support back up to FTP site.
SplendidBackup 2.6

The perfect tool for your backup needs. Supports: back up to FTP site; zip the files to be backed up (with password); scheduled backup; send an email after scheduled backup; create log file after backup; exclude files with specified extensions or only backup files with a specified extension; choose to backup all files or only files which do not exist on existing backup location or are newer.

backup tool, scheduled backup, backup

TaskPrompt Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time.

Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time. You can add tasks and prioritize or categorize them. Set the task`s occurrence to Immediate, Todo, Minutes, Hourly, Hours, Daily, Days, Weekly, Weeks, Monthly, Months, Day of Month, Yearly, Years or Scheduled according to when the task should re-occur.

tasks, contact, reminder, task, manager, prompt, skynergy, taskprompt

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Inventory and Accounts Management 1.5.15

Scheduled Maintenance, Serial Numbers) Bill of Materials (Production / Manufacture, integrates with Inventory, Purchase Orders) User Access Control - fine grained to permit or deny access to specific areas Scheduled Maintenance - date based routine maintenance integrating into a calendar, Debtors, Job Costing, Serial Number Tracking. Project Accounting - keep track of projects detailing expenditure and revenue Contract Billing - repetitive billing

bill of materials, contract billing, debtors, serial number, multiple branches, general ledger, scheduled maintenance, inventory, creditors, cashbook, job costing, project accounting, multiple stores

Send Later for Outlook 3.10: Free automatic Outlook Email scheduler and Follow-Up Reminder Add-in Tool
Send Later for Outlook 3.10

scheduled delayed email with DocTrack feature. As long as your computer is online, your email will be sent automatically even Outlook is not running. SendLater Pro Edition features: - Repetitive emails at scheduled time intervals - Attach documents to the scheduled delayed email. They will be sent automatically as soon as they are modified - Link a file or folder to a delayed email message to send the most recent file/folder version - Delayed email

plugin, outlook, add in, reminder, reminders, do not deliver before, recurrence, schedule, delayed, email, automatically, free, freeware

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Breaktime V1.00

scheduled breaks at specified intervals. In helping to implement this, BreakTime is an application that once run will inform the user when this scheduled break should take place. BreakTime is a small application which once running minimises and sits in the application tray. BreakTime will count down the minutes to the next scheduled break. When the break is due a screen pops up informing the user they need to take a break. This takes over the screen

risk assesment, control point, health and safety, employee, employer, break, breaktime

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